I Finally Did It!

It has been several months since friends have been urging me to start-up my own blog. At first, I thought, blogging?! I cannot do that! I cannot share my personal life to everyone! (As if a lot will actually read it anyway). And then after some time of following different Mommy bloggers, I started considering it.

Ever since I became a mom, even during my pregnancy, I’ve been reading a lot about motherhood. From pregnancy to toddler years, I think I equipped myself enough in preparation to the coming of our child. I was able to do all these because I was just at home, minding the household chores, while Joey was the one working. This was the set-up we have agreed upon even before we got married. Why? I’ve always dreamed of being the one taking care of my baby and of course, the home as well – and this was Joey’s desire too, so he gave me his full support and understanding. (I will discuss and elaborate more how this worked out for us on another blog post.)

Due to all the time I had on my hands, I was able to read books and blogs, talk to other moms, and actually experience myself, the joys (and pains – yes, there are several) of motherhood. How fulfilling it is to do the hardest job there is – being a mom. And because I love being a mom so much, I finally did it! I faced my fears and just blogged away. After all, I owe it to every person I learned from. To share the knowledge they have imparted me and how it molded who I am now as a wife and a mother, in hopes that others may be inspired as well.

Starting this blog may be one of the best decisions I have ever made – with the approval of my husband, of course. This will not only help me dump my random thoughts, but also help me keep track of all the things I would love to go back to and experiences I would want to, or sort of, relive again. So, to everyone who encouraged me to do this, thank you! I hope you would enjoy reading just as much as I enjoy writing.


6 thoughts on “I Finally Did It!

  1. Go mommy Ams i will be your number 1 follower. Even before you are very generous of
    Sharing helpful information. Hope this one will become a very good medium to reach other moms/wife out there.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Jules! I hope I’ll be able to share about things that interest you. You can expect however, that what I will write here will come from the heart – guided by the Holy Spirit. 🙂

  2. Very inspiring blog! I just had to backread all your posts about marriage. Keep them coming! ❤ 🙂

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