Model What You Love: Babywearing Feature for Smart Parenting Magazine

Matilda was about 3 months old when I purchased our very first SaYa Baby Carrier. I must admit that looking at its manual was kind of intimidating at first, and it really took me a lot of tries to get right. But all I needed to master it is – practice. Now, Matilda and I are still happily babywearing at 21 months. Oh how time flies!

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Left: Matilda at 3 months wearing a SaYa. Right: Matilda at 20 months wearing a K’Tan

The main reason why I got into babywearing was because I have seen different types of carriers being sold in the market, quite aggressively, during the time I was still pregnant with Matilda. I got curious and decided to make my research on why moms rave about it and what good I will actually get from using it.

As I was reading up articles on mommy forums, I happened to come across different mommy groups which also led me to the FAB Facebook Group. It was where I met fellow babywearing moms who helped me a lot in finding the perfect carrier for me and Matilda.

It was over a year ago when a mommy friend I met through a babywearing meet-up, Ms. Eliza Santiago-Ypon – the face behind the blog, The Painter’s Wife, invited me and Matilda to model for an article she was writing for Smart Parenting Magazine. The feature was about babywearing, which involved different types and brands of carriers as well as the benefits it gives to both mom and baby.

I was scheduled for the photo shoot at the Summit Studio in Pasig, and all I needed to bring were plain shirts and a pair of jeans, plus my baby Matilda. As soon as we entered the studio, we immediately started with the hair and make-up. My oh my, that’s when I realized how much make-up is actually used for prints! It felt like another layer of skin to be honest. Although, in the magazine, it doesn’t really look much. Halfway through the session, Matilda got hungry so I breastfed her. Jeff Sy, the make-up artist, was very kind to allow me to feed without any interruptions. We just continued the beautification process after.

The actual shoot followed afterwards and it just lasted a little over an hour. It was really quick as Matilda was very cooperative the entire time. In the first few shots, I was so stiff! I didn’t know what pose to make, how to smile, and how to make Matilda look at the camera all the same time. It was kind of overwhelming for a first timer, but as soon as we warmed up, we were on a roll!

It was such a fun experience as it was my first time to model for anything, and knowing it isĀ for a product we actually use and love. Having Matilda with me also made it so much more memorable! I’m wishing and hoping it won’t be the last. Though the feature got bumped off a couple of months prior to its original publishing date, it ended up working so well as the issue catered to another great feature – a Breastfeeding article! Such a perfect combination indeed, I’m so glad it got delayed!

Please do grab a copy of Smart Parenting, September 2014 issue with Kristine Hermosa on the cover. Find out the benefits of babwearing as well as the different types of carriers available in the market today. Happy Babywearing!

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