Homeschooling Part 2: Getting Started

As a continuation of my first post, today I will talk about our other activities. It gets quite challenging as a baby grows, to get their focus and to keep their attention. A lot of creativity and patience is needed to make sure your baby will love the idea of learning.

One must understand that Homeschooling is not limited to the confines of the home, just like learning. Books and materials are all good supplements for learning, but the more the child is exposed to the reality of the world, the better they become at understanding concepts. With Matilda, we make it a point to communicate with her, in every opportunity. We never get tired of explaining the reasons why a certain thing needs to be done, the consequence for each and every action, and the hard, but reality of the truth. No matter how complicated something might be for her to grasp, we never lie to her, we just patiently explain and ask for her respect and obedience. When a child is brought up knowing you have only pure interests at heart and their welfare is all you think about, it wouldn’t be very hard to instruct and teach your child. They will instantly develop love for learning, and this will become your lifestyle.
Whenever we are at home, we always try to make certain activities to be able to spend our time wisely. One of the things we started with, apart from those that I mentioned in Part 1 of this post, is coloring books.

Crayons and Coloring Books/Sketch Pads – this is an activity I personally loved while growing up. Because I have seen Matilda’s interest in writing through copying me by holding my pens, it was then I realized, she is ready. We started to introduce crayons and pencils just a few months after she turned a year old. After I showed her how these were used, I just allowed her to doodle, color however way she wanted, and just observed. There were times I’d sit beside her and color with her. She would watch and copy what I was doing and sometimes would ask for my help, I’d remind her how it is done and she’ll go back to doing it on her own.

I also used crayons to teach her colors by writing the alphabet and numbers on a sketch pad. I would also draw certain objects and would name them one by one. This helped in building her imagination as well as her vocabulary. Indeed, a lot of things can be taught through this activity. You just have to learn to be creative. 🙂


Another thing we love to do is build things with play-doh.

Play-Doh – this is a good exercise for fine motor skills. The molding process is a good means for them to gain control and make their own shapes. Also a good way for them to develop in the area of art and crafts. To make it more fun, we sometimes use her toys and include some pretend-play, like a tea-party for her dolls. She enjoys this activity a lot and it pays really, as she gets to be imaginative in her play. Just be careful not to leave your child unattended with this as this is a choking hazard.

Educational Posters – I think this is a must in every home. These posters are what your child will get to see everyday and that is one of the best ways for them to memorize different things such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, parts of the body, animals, opposites (big and small, short and tall, open and close, long and short etc.) It is really cheap and readily available at any local bookstores.

Another approach for learning is through Montessori-Inspired Materials. Because I came from a Monterssori school, I am familiar with the type of materials used when we were still in CASA (Nursery level). I incorporated these materials in our play-based learning in order to cover certain areas that are quite difficult for a small child to understand.

Ring Stacker – this would teach them colors and the concept of size recognition and differentiation. This is also a good activity for hand and eye coordination as they stack the rings to the rod.


Nesting and Stacking Blocks – this teaches them the importance of balance and it’s relation to various sizes. Also a great activity for building whatever they like.



Spindle Box – this is quite hard to find, if there is any. I made my own by using an illustration board with printed numbers and number words and bought a set of wooden sticks. This is a great material in teaching a child how to count and associate the numbers with actual counting objects, such as the wooden sticks. I would just show her how it is used and she watched me until she was able to get it. She now knows how to properly count because of this.



Basic Skills Toy -this toy is for practical life skills. This will help your child in teaching them independence when it comes to tying their shoe lace, buttoning their shirt, snapping and unsnapping probably their clothes as well, opening and closing zippers, and fastening or buckling belts. You can also make your own and all you will need is an old shirt, a frame (optional-as this is Montessori-inspired ), and add whatever activity you’d like for them to master.


Pizza Party – this toy or any other toy that has a similar concept will be a great tool in teaching them how to count as well as the concept of same and different. The different toppings on the pizza is useful in identifying which go together (alike) and which do not (different). This toy is also a great way to introduce fractions later on. It is a really good investment and even I enjoy playing with it!


Puzzles – this helps in introducing the alphabet sounds or phonics. Getting them acquainted with the pictures and their corresponding names will enable them to identify which letter they begin with. A good activity you can practice to prepare them for reading.


Practical Life Skills – I cannot thank my parents enough for exposing me to household chores at such an early age. They allowed me to play at the laundry area and wash hankies and socks, at the kitchen to wash the dishes (with help of course!), sweep the floor, polish shoes, wipe the tables to remove dust, and a lot more. These helped me in being responsible for my own room as I grew older, and eventually in our own house as a wife. These are activities which your child will surely enjoy as I did when I was younger.

There are really so many ways to make these materials and lot others are available as well. You don’t have to spend much to achieve the same kind of concepts. All you need is a bit of creativity using ordinary art supplies with your own recyclable things at home, and the internet to get ideas, with that, you are good to go. Try searching for toddler or preschool activities at home and you will be surprised at how much information there is on the web. Some examples are lacing beads for fine motor skills, using buttons or same colored objects to teach colors, painting for art, sorting same and different items, and a whole lot more depending on which area your child needs to improve on or develop.

There is something you have to keep in mind though, in whatever instance, do not pressure your child to sit down and do these activities if he/she is not ready. You don’t want a child getting traumatized with the idea of learning just because you are too eager to teach them or just because you think your child is far behind with what he/she knows. Remember that they develop at their own pace. Some kids develop early and some at a later time, and this doesn’t make them any better nor less smarter than others. As kids, they still love to play and are still very curious about other things. They easily get bored too, and you really have to find ways to motivate them to learn something new each day.

One of the things I noticed with Matilda is, words of affirmation gets her going. Whenever she hears me compliment her for something right she has done, or whenever she accomplished an activity, this gives her a boost to continue on. It really pays to know your child and in this case, it would be great to use that certain characteristic to your advantage when it comes to teaching.

Have you got other suggestions? Leave it in the comment box, so we can try them too! Also, would you happen to be interested in what activities we are up to now? These are more advanced and already include textbooks and workbooks. Just let me know so I can share them to you and make a Part 3 of this series. 🙂


Kidzoona Philippines: Our One Peso (Php 1.00) Promo Experience

Last November 1st, we finally had the chance to visit Kidzoona at Robinsons Galleria. They were on a one peso (Yes, that’s right! PISO!) per hour promo and it was a really great deal, so, we decided to give it a try! Initially, I had no intention on blogging about it. Although, I realized, when I tried looking for reviews on different play areas in the metro, not long ago, it was a bit challenging to find. So, for the benefit of my fellow mothers, I thought it would be great to also share what we experienced with our little girl, Matilda.


We arrived at the mall with Matilda still soundly asleep in the car at about 2pm. Because I heard from friends that you have to come in and get scheduled for your play time, I kindly asked Joey to go down and sign us up. We were scheduled at 4-5pm. Only an hour, of course, to be fair, so that they can accommodate other kids for their ongoing promo.

Kidzoona surprisingly had a big floor area. I wasn’t actually expecting it to be that big! They even have an arcade for bigger kids. I think this is great especially if kids are very much excited to play and they are still waiting for their scheduled time, OR if they still want to stay inside, and their time is already up! Good job, Kidzoona!

IMG_8074  IMG_8071

Very important facts and reminders, as well as the regular price for the use of the facility is printed clearly in this huge infographic so, READ UP! The 1 hour rate is Php 200 .00 and 3 hours is Php 400.00. This is inclusive of one free companion and any additional is priced at Php 100.00.


Like any other play areas, you have got to wear socks inside. We brought our own, though, they sell socks as well in case you forget to bring yours.

IMG_8089 IMG_8075

I took photos of all the pretend-play areas. Matilda enjoyed the Kitchen and the Sushi Bar most!

IMG_8080IMG_8081 IMG_8082IMG_8078 IMG_8079   IMG_8083 IMG_8084 IMG_8085 IMG_8086 IMG_8087 IMG_8088 IMG_8091 IMG_8092 IMG_8094 IMG_8095

I like that the place isn’t crowded because they limit the number of people who can go in at a time, hence the schedule I mentioned above. They only allow 25 kids plus approximately 25 companions to go in per hour. This is great so that there is order inside and kids get to  enjoy quality play which is very important.

I love pretend-play and we do this even at home. We like that Matilda gets to enjoy and learn at the same time, so, we really invest in good quality toys which are mostly made of wood. I like that at Kidzoona, they also invested well and that they make sure that all the toys are placed where they rightfully belong – every OC Mom’s dream! They even have 3-4 staff inside the play area to keep the place organized and to look after the kids as well. Such a really clean and safe place! They also have plenty of couches for parents and guardians to sit in, plus a water dispenser with free water for your thirsty kids.

IMG_8105 IMG_8106

Here are the other play areas available for kids in different ages. Matilda’s favorite here was the magnetic, wooden train set. It was really nice. We enjoyed playing with it!

IMG_8101 IMG_8100 IMG_8099 IMG_8098 IMG_8097 IMG_8102 IMG_8103 IMG_8104 IMG_8113 IMG_8112 IMG_8115 IMG_8117

During our one hour stay, we were very fortunate to have met the Kidzoona mascot, Lala Chan! She is a 3-year-old squirrel. She danced along with the staff, and kids got to participate too! We were also given the chance to take a picture with Lala. She stayed for about 10 minutes and according to the staff, she does visit from time to time to surprise the kids. Such a nice looking mascot! Matilda danced with her even if she was a bit scared to go near.


If you noticed, at the back of Lala is an area still unfinished. It is another part with a giant inflatable slide and 2 other play grounds with lots of plastic balls we all know kids really LOVE. This will be ready at the grand opening on November 8.

I have to say that overall, it was a very pleasing experience. The fact that we only paid one peso for this is more than enough! One sad thing though is that they do not have their own restroom. 😦 I had a bit of a hard time bringing my newly potty trained daughter to the farthest end of the mall just so she can relieve herself. Due to this, we had to go out earlier than our scheduled time out. I hope they can consider having their own restroom if that is still possible!

Kidzoona is closed from November 3-6 in preparation for their grand opening on November 8, 2014. Visit them at the 4th level of Robinsons Galleria. We will definitely go back! See you around!